Arbequina — Fruity Green

Extra Virgin Olive Oil — 100% Arbequina

The Arbequina is a robust and prolific producer of small rounded fruit. Its oil is sweet and mild. It produces an exceptional oil for blends like L’Olivet, which is one of our bestselling oils, as well as our unfiltered natural oil Núvol.  We also produce a 100% Arbequina olive oil for lovers of this famous varietal. The Arbequina olive has a medium content of biophenols at early harvest and slightly less with late harvest olives.  Secondary Aromas: Green olives, freshly mowed grass, green apple, almond, banana

Food-grade cans: 500 mL , 1 L
Dark glass bottle: 500 mL

Production Notes:
Harvest : October – November 2021
Milled: < 24 hours

Flavor Notes:
Fruity: Medium
Bitter: Medium
Pungent: Intense

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