Mas Auró Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mas Auró is a family project. We live and breathe our passion for olive oil. We live next to our olive trees all year round. We do all the field work, from planting and pruning to harvesting. We produce premium quality oils in our mill with advanced technology in the oil extraction process.

Our commitment to organic farming

Organic and regenerative farming, sustainable and responsible stuartship is a very important part of our company. Without taking care of the environment: the land, the air, the water, we cannot obtain premium olives. Without premium olives, there is no premium oil.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil — A Fresh Product

The use of extra virgin olive oil will improve your life. A bottle of premium olive oil on your table will offer you many days of pleasure. You don’t need to know olive science. You can just let your senses guide you. The first impression of green freshness, the complexity of the herbal, vegetable and fruity aromas in the nose, a slight attack of bitter fruit in the mouth, a growing spiciness at the back of your throat, the persistence of the flavors after they’re gone. They indicate that this is a high quality oil. All of these qualities are combined in extra virgin olive oil, which is completely natural, extracted directly from the olive fruit, with no additives. And, beyond that, it’s good for your health.

Who we are

The history of Mas Auró begins in 1996, when we returned to Girona after living in the Philippines for many years. We were chasing a more peaceful and relaxed life, and we were immediately seduced by the fields of Esponellà, the views of the foothills of the Pyrenees, the nearness of the Mediterranean, and the dream of having a few olive trees so we could have our own extra virgin olive oil.

Since them, we have grown a familiy business, now with two generations of family members dedicated to quality and sustainability. This dedication drives us to evolve constantly with new knowledge and techniques.

— Carme y Enric

Where we are

We are in Esponellà, where we farm on a fossil meander known today as the Fluvià river. We also cultivate centenary olive trees of the Argudell cultivar in Sant Climent de Sescebes and Espolla, on slate-rich soil. All within the geographical scope of the P.D.O. Oli de l’Empordà.

Our objective

With this project we have committed ourselves to leading a change in the production of quality oil and becoming an active part of the development of our land with a dedication to organic, sustainable and socially responsible management.

The Mill

It is true that in order to obtain a high quality oil, it is essential to start with perfect olives. But the facilities where the oil will be processed, or in this case, extracted, are also important. We have a modern mill, with vertical mallaxers and a two-phase decanter to separate the oil. To preserve the excellent properties of the freshly extracted oil, it is stored in stainless steel tanks and protected with inert gas in a temperature-controlled environment.

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