L’Olivet — Fruity Green

Extra Virgin Olive Oil — L’Olivet

L’Olivet is a well-rounded medium-intensity blend; a selection of extra virgin olive oils that change each year depending on the flavor and aroma variability, the weather, and the state of ripeness of the olive. The goal is to create an extra virgin olive oil profile that is enjoyed by most consumers — a mix of green and ripe aromas, and milder in flavor than most of our monocultivar oils which are produced with greener olives. Secondary Aromas Artichoke, freshly mowed grass, green apple, tomato leaf, almond.

Food-grade round cans: 500 mL, 1 L
Dark glass bottles: 500 mL

Production Notes
Harvest: November 2021
Milled: < 24 hours

Flavor Notes
Fruity: Medium
Bitter: Medium
Pungent: Medium

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