EQOO Stars

Il Magnifico - EQOO Stars for Quality

It is a great honor for us to be awarded by the organizers of the Il Magnifico Award the recognition of the EQOO stars. We are proud to participate in the Il Magnifico pursuit of creating a European label that highlights oils of the highest quality. This distinction is not given solely based on a single oil sample. It is the recognition of maintaining a continuous quality score between 85-100 points during three consecutive years. In addition, the following corporate values are also evaluated and scored:

– Continuity in the pursuit of quality
– Innovation and entrepreneurial risk
– Volume of production in the last three years
– Cultivation of mountain-side olive trees
– On-site mill
– Respect for the environment
– Representative samples of the overall quality of production

Following the logic that producing 2,000 kg of quality oil is very difficult, and that producing 4,000 kg is even more difficult, the EQOO star system awards more stars to those company’s that are able to maintain the same level of quality with larger production values.

The two EQOO stars that we have been recognizes with reflect the work and effort that our team has exerted over many years, and with whom we share this award. But what motivates us above everything is the desire to serve our customers with the best quality oil possible. In the end, the flavor and nutritional value of high quality extra virgin olive oils is what distinguishes them from other extra virgin olive oils.